Some concept art to help with wardrobe

Trying to post a WIP update any time I get an evening to work on this. Usually the habit is I work on it all night, then am like, "ooh, if I just wait until morning when I add this one thing, then I can post a status update with a better screen shot." And we all know where that vicious cycle goes :P

Was testing some material settings for hair, and in my spare time tried to mock up where the costume would be going. So, of course, now it's 2:20 AM and I spent too much time on concept art

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New project, motha truckas!

I showed off the initial exploits for this at the last Seabug. At that point I had just finished the initial body modeling and layered SSS setup. I want to be more regular in logging exploits of this new project. Other silly goals are to first release each of the characters as individual files on Blendswap for shorter, more achievable goals that bleeds toward a longterm short film goal.

For chronology's sake, here's some earlier production pics I sent over Twitter. Here's first pass at modeling:

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First progress on multilayer SSS:

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And now, where I'm at currently. Eyes are improved, Hair has a start on model and texturing. Her blouse is currently just a modeling test, to get a big stack of modifiers working (Mirror, Armature, Subsurf, Shrinkwrap, Smooth, Solidify.) But chances are still high that I'll flatten it all down and just weight-paint it

Any feedback appreciated. Will try and have an outfit concept drawn up next, so I ain't modeling blind!

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www.oscarts.org oscarbaechler@gmail.com