Turtle monster, part...eighty five?

A quick preview of what I'm working on, or rather, refusing to let die. I looked through my old entries and found the blog post 18 months ago where I talk about this guy being my learning dive into Blender. Much progress on a waaaay timewaste-y project, that's served from day 1 as my project-oriented learning tool for Blender. Clearly still not finished: the toes, horns, shell spheres, mount, and a million other things....

But point is, ZOMG I love Blender's external-edit projection painting! I've dumped whole evenings in the toilet fiddling with texture seams and UV coordinates for this guy on previous evenings. It got frustrating, so I ignored it for about three months. Then with Blender 2.5's new feature I fixed everything (color, occlusion, and displacement) in under a week. More art, less time wasting!

Desert scene is by Potado at Blendswap. Although I can competently do environs or lighting/rendering setups, I certainly don't feel like doing so for precious free time projects. Anyway, here's the link to the desert file.





Results of the Big CG Survey 2010. Props to Terragen for outdoing Blender on value, not an easy feat! http://bit.ly/9rTFDh

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More Harmony drawings

But really, it's mostly an excuse to check if my blog, which cascades to Google Buzz, will now additionally cascade to twitter and therefore facebook. Testing...testing...



Harmony and Alchemy

Recently I've been playing a lot with two free pieces of software. Both function largely as one-trick ponies, but their methodology makes them extremely fun to dive into.

First up is Alchemy. It's almost like drawing in real-time with a lasso when you use it right, and the mirror function is incredibly fun for quick bilaterally symmetrical drawings. Check it out at al.chemy.org

Second up is Harmony, an awesome little ditty of HTML5. It's got an inky, bleedy feel to it, far better than anything I've managed to get in Photoshop! It's great for relaxation, since you can draw lazy and it'll still look appealing. In my own humble opinion, the horse I made with it is the first good drawing I've ever freehanded with a mouse. If you've never tried drawing with a mouse, it's like drawing with the wrong hand with the wrong fingers. But Harmony still rocks! http://mrdoob.com/projects/harmony/

Six pages left on my current sketchbook. It's always so triumphant to finish one, but it's also so tedious to scan all my pics in at the end...soooooo tediouuuuuus....I think I subconsciously forgot to bring a pencil today to delay the inevitable :P