Sketch of the week #1

Already I'm enjoying the ramifications of doing a sketch of the week. After forgetting I'd planned on this and spending my week on gestural quick studies, I remembered it. Thus, I found myself encouraged to sit down and commit to something today, when normally I can often find myself only drawing on the bus.

I decided on a safe topic, my old favorite subject that, honestly, I draw far too much: heads at 3/4 rotation, lit from a side and above, caricatured and old.

I also discovered a great trick for blurring today. I scan these in at 600 DPI to get a lot of the fine line details. The problem is that then the little scratchy lines aren't blended into the full value regions I'd want. Normally I'd set a copied layer to multiply, and blur it to get the lines turned into shapes. But a quicker, dirtier way of doing it is just use the blurring power of aliased resizing; just transform the layer (Command + T) and shrink it down. Then transform again back to the full size, using snaps to get it pixel perfect.



Sketchbook dump, birthday style!

First off, let me say that I'm going to switch to a "sketch of the week" formula for getting my art off of my daily sketching habits. Two main reasons for that; first, scanning half a sketchbook always eats a whole evening. Second, I think I'd enjoy the challenge of getting out a really solid drawing out every week, rather than doing too much flippant quick drawings.

That being said, on to the art.

The premise of this is a Heavy Metal-esque space harem, where some space dude's women just sit around bathing and smoking space hookah. Undoubtedly influenced by the egyptological art of the Napoleonic era, which had a number of fantastic harem paintings. (Do a GIS for Jean Leon Gerome if you need a new desktop background.)

A dinosaur.

Pachycephalosaurus drawn from a skull at the Colorado dinosaur museum.

Also, dinosaurs and birds have a freakin' bone cupping their eye! The sclerotic ring, look it up.

Compositional exercise. I find I'm doing more drawings like this, where I focus on perspective, figure and element placement more than full-on rendering of details.

Elf head study.

Monster thing.

Lady on the bus I drew. Good to get away from imagination drawing all the time

Should have some more news coming soon...