Blender Conference 2009

Hangin' out at BlendCon. Lots of good stuff! (My presentation included.)

I'm like a million items of business behind on my blog updates. I'm expecting to do a huge number o' posts once I'm back in the states, on all sorts of subjects. Stay tuned!



Speed paintings

Time: 70 min

Time: 100 mins

Instead of curing my 3D woes with an old-fashioned pipeline (thus defeating my experiment early), I cured my ailments with a bit of speed painting.

Tried to keep these to a time limit via set playlists in iTunes; after about an hour of music, the sound of silence signaled that I needed to move on. Additionally, I flattened the finished products down and didn't save the PSDs. The less legacy, the more spontaneity. Plus my traditional speed painting amateur preferences: one line layer and one final layer, only two brushes.

I'm considering doing the exact same thing tomorrow night, as I already have a bunch of things I'd do drastically differently. Case in point, upon using a splayed brush for my grass, I realized I, uh, could have done that for the guy's hair :P

www.oscarts.org oscarbaechler@gmail.com


A night of Harmony

Oy, when it rains it pours! So I'm going to fallaciously post some entries in a gradual manner, thus hiding the fact that they all happened at once. Busy, busy week.

About a week ago I spent an evening watching some tube and relaxing with Mr. Doob's Harmony. I still contend that it's one of the best art tools ever, despite being so limited and small. Here's what I yielded over the course of the night. Rough, certainly. But for quick gestures, so fun!

www.oscarts.org oscarbaechler@gmail.com

Ack! So behind on posting!

But not for lack of intrigue!

First, SeaBUG! It's first because, well, it's tomorrow. Me and some other Blender enthusiasts have put together a Blender User Group, where we'll be running tutorials and workshops on several aspects of Blender. Check it out! seabug.eventbrite.com

Second, Townrs Defender Lite is out! Try it out, see what you think and go buy the full version! TownrsLite

Third, Sketchbook news! Yes, I've completely, utterly fallen down on the job of my "sketch of the week." But in my defense, it's not for lack of sketching, it's for massive dislike of tedious scanning. I'm actually half way through my new sketchbook, despite never scanning the second half of my OLD sketchbook. Conclusion: Screw "sketch of the week," I'm just going to stick with my huge sketchbook dump every half-sketchbook.

Fourth, MORE Blender news! I'm going to be presenting at Blender Conference 2009 in Amsterdam! Supposedly the whole conference will be recorded, so I'll make sure to post a link once it's up.

Gah. Can't wait for the mind-numbing boredom of November. Ah, what a lovely fantasy..