Ivan Aivazovsky speed study

I continue to approach speed painting with a completely noncommittal experimental outlook. This time I made up a new set of parameters:
•30 minute time limit
•Study of someone far greater than myself (in this case, Ivan Aivazovsky, whose ocean landscapes blow Turner out da water)
•Do mine at half the size of the original to keep it thumbnail-y
•NO COLORPICKING from the original. Had to eyeball everything.

Not perfect, alas, but acceptable for 30 minutes.
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Blender splash screen contest!

Here's my 6 AM renders :D I'm a bit sleepy, to say the least.

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Utterly misleading caricature progress

I have, in fact, NOT worked on this in about a month. But tonight I thought, "say, wasn't I going to finish that Dan Savage pic?" and opened the file. I apparently forgot that I did a complete start on a color pass :P

This in no way counts as a speed paint any more. Not only because I haven't opened it in a month, but also because I have no recollection of how much time is invested in it now. Somewhere between 3 and 6 hours is my best guess.

Anyway, on another note, I'm going to try and retire B&W starting images. The Tick drawing I did was done in straight color. This was B&W, then brought into color. The unfortunate truth is that I have so little trust for coloring via a layer mode transfer or fancy doodads like that, that I end up just painting in Normal mode, e.g. repainting the entire thing on top of itself. That wasted time is probably why I haven't looked at this in a month.

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Spires HD now available!

Hey guys! Spires HD just went live, with optimized graphics for iPads and retina iPhones. Also added a ton more Survival maps, Extreme difficulty, and the new Siege mode.

Check it out! http://bit.ly/GetSpiresHD

Here's a trailer I put together for it, edited/composited in Blender:

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Playing with compositing more...

Not lovin' the pink horizon right now. Mostly just cranked it up to 11 while making sure it worked. Methinks I'll be shooting for an atmosphere akin to some of my favorite painters, ala Salomon Corrodi and Jean Leon Gerome.

Also hunted down more loose keyframe doublings, which was resulting in pop-locking, and also the foot sliding is fixed. Next up, animating him walking onto the platform thingie for a turntable.

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