Speedpaint 03

Now with Photoshop CS5! Very fun, lots of cool new features that slap you in the face within the first 2 minutes.

Probably went a little longer than I expected here... 90 minutes? Was chillin' on this dude's Thelonious Monk playlist.


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A small pipeline revision

Okay, so I haaaad originally planned to use Farsthary's most excellent Unlimited Clay tools for Blender. But after 45 minutes of trying to dig up old experiment builds that had it, I decided to wait until it's finished :P

Instead, I'm going the old fashioned route: starting with a low-poly model, which then gets sculpted up later.

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The Reversed Character Pipeline

The 3D character pipeline as I learned it happened in the following steps.

1. Concept art
2. Low-poly model
3. UV unwrap
4. High-poly sculpt
5. Bake and paint textures
6. Make shaders
7. Rig
8. Animate
9. Render/Export

Technology has changed dramatically since I learned this. PTex might mean that UV unwrapping is a back-end afterthought, instead of an annoying front-end necessity. Sculpting tools have grown substantially, but more importantly automatic re-topology tools have grown. More and more, the theoretical pipeline has been shifting toward this:

1. Concept art
2. High-poly Sculpt
3. Paint
4. Low-poly model
5. UV unwrap
6. Bake textures down
7. Make shaders
8. Rig
9. Animate
10. Render/Export

Trying out this pipeline theory is going to be the focus of my next long-term Blender project. In addition, here's some other things I'm looking forward to trying out:
•Multilayer SSS
•Spline based facial rig
•Multiple material types

Here's hoping it turns out well!

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The Cataphract rig, now available!

Go download my new Blender rig at http://www.blendswap.com/3D-models/animals/the-cataphract/

Here's is maiden voyage into animation, which I made at last Seabug. The next one's December 4th, be there or be square!

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