Blog migration!

I got sick of my blog and portfolio being on separate pages, and have since then fallen in love with Wordpress. So consider this blog dead; new content is all going to be at www.ogbog.net

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Oh Canada

Zoinks! After two weeks in Vancouver, I'm back in the states. Man, I had a blast. I worked on a project with UBC Fisheries (more to come later), followed by the Vancouver Game Jam.

I ended up on a team with James and Scott, and we made an awesome lil Unity game in 48 hours. One sleep break Friday night, followed by marathon production!

Hence, today I am taking it easy. But I still felt so jazzed about fast production that I felt like making some more stuff. So here's storyboards for an old pitch of mine, which I pumped out in about 2 hours this morning. Stay tuned for more content from my adventures in Vancouver!

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Some sketches

Chaka Khan...plus a conch shell. 


In a talk with the wizardly Tony Mullen at the December Seabug, he quipped that all drawing teachers ever say is "draw looser." I was drawing this rather nobbly antelope off of arkive.org and felt pretty stiff. So I kept drawing until it felt loose enough. Indeed, I'd say the second-to-last one ended up the best.

My cat Charlie. 

I've been playing with watercolor pencils on occasion.  


Drew a guy, then tried to stay on the single subject.

Character studies from Disney's Alice in Wonderland

I looked around on the internet for a fashion generator, with humorous results. Pity I can't recall the URL. 

More Disney studies, from the excellent http://andreasdeja.blogspot.com/



Baby New Year!

In homage to the inimitable J.C. Leyendecker, I made a Baby New Year illustration for our tumultuous 2012. The bad news is I put this off til the last day of 2011, but the good news is I'm getting faster! This took about an hour of doodling and compositing my doodles together, plus five hours of painting.

Here's to a great 2012! 

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