Speed paintings

Time: 70 min

Time: 100 mins

Instead of curing my 3D woes with an old-fashioned pipeline (thus defeating my experiment early), I cured my ailments with a bit of speed painting.

Tried to keep these to a time limit via set playlists in iTunes; after about an hour of music, the sound of silence signaled that I needed to move on. Additionally, I flattened the finished products down and didn't save the PSDs. The less legacy, the more spontaneity. Plus my traditional speed painting amateur preferences: one line layer and one final layer, only two brushes.

I'm considering doing the exact same thing tomorrow night, as I already have a bunch of things I'd do drastically differently. Case in point, upon using a splayed brush for my grass, I realized I, uh, could have done that for the guy's hair :P

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