Ack! So behind on posting!

But not for lack of intrigue!

First, SeaBUG! It's first because, well, it's tomorrow. Me and some other Blender enthusiasts have put together a Blender User Group, where we'll be running tutorials and workshops on several aspects of Blender. Check it out! seabug.eventbrite.com

Second, Townrs Defender Lite is out! Try it out, see what you think and go buy the full version! TownrsLite

Third, Sketchbook news! Yes, I've completely, utterly fallen down on the job of my "sketch of the week." But in my defense, it's not for lack of sketching, it's for massive dislike of tedious scanning. I'm actually half way through my new sketchbook, despite never scanning the second half of my OLD sketchbook. Conclusion: Screw "sketch of the week," I'm just going to stick with my huge sketchbook dump every half-sketchbook.

Fourth, MORE Blender news! I'm going to be presenting at Blender Conference 2009 in Amsterdam! Supposedly the whole conference will be recorded, so I'll make sure to post a link once it's up.

Gah. Can't wait for the mind-numbing boredom of November. Ah, what a lovely fantasy..


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