Sketch of the week #1

Already I'm enjoying the ramifications of doing a sketch of the week. After forgetting I'd planned on this and spending my week on gestural quick studies, I remembered it. Thus, I found myself encouraged to sit down and commit to something today, when normally I can often find myself only drawing on the bus.

I decided on a safe topic, my old favorite subject that, honestly, I draw far too much: heads at 3/4 rotation, lit from a side and above, caricatured and old.

I also discovered a great trick for blurring today. I scan these in at 600 DPI to get a lot of the fine line details. The problem is that then the little scratchy lines aren't blended into the full value regions I'd want. Normally I'd set a copied layer to multiply, and blur it to get the lines turned into shapes. But a quicker, dirtier way of doing it is just use the blurring power of aliased resizing; just transform the layer (Command + T) and shrink it down. Then transform again back to the full size, using snaps to get it pixel perfect.


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