Sketchbook dump, birthday style!

First off, let me say that I'm going to switch to a "sketch of the week" formula for getting my art off of my daily sketching habits. Two main reasons for that; first, scanning half a sketchbook always eats a whole evening. Second, I think I'd enjoy the challenge of getting out a really solid drawing out every week, rather than doing too much flippant quick drawings.

That being said, on to the art.

The premise of this is a Heavy Metal-esque space harem, where some space dude's women just sit around bathing and smoking space hookah. Undoubtedly influenced by the egyptological art of the Napoleonic era, which had a number of fantastic harem paintings. (Do a GIS for Jean Leon Gerome if you need a new desktop background.)

A dinosaur.

Pachycephalosaurus drawn from a skull at the Colorado dinosaur museum.

Also, dinosaurs and birds have a freakin' bone cupping their eye! The sclerotic ring, look it up.

Compositional exercise. I find I'm doing more drawings like this, where I focus on perspective, figure and element placement more than full-on rendering of details.

Elf head study.

Monster thing.

Lady on the bus I drew. Good to get away from imagination drawing all the time

Should have some more news coming soon...


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Travis Baechler said...

Your drawings are like a modern Michelangelo!