A buddy and I did a monster draw-off, with this as my result. I was trying to concept something disgusting with his tail, like a bile sack at the end of his digestive tract that he could spray foes with. Ew!

Dave's work thrashed me though. I gotta step up my game! Check his stuff out here:


Lastly, Seabug is this coming Saturday, so if you're a PNWer looking for free 3d lessons on some excellent free 3d software, come down to AIS for some lessons. RSVP here!



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marilyn said...

Thrashed yours? Not at all. The other "monster" may have some nice highlighting on the anatomy, but the form looks constipated (kind of like an ancient Egyptian statue), and overall seems stale to me. Yours on the other hand is quite unique, and is extremely gross yet cuddly. The way the leg limbs are resting is so natural in posture, and its personality is reminiscent of a baby fallen on its head. Such charisma!