Head Thumbnails

Two days ago I sat down to do an hour of photoshop calisthenics, and it wasn't flowing out for me. I've started three speedpaints since the last one, and although they're all good at the base level I lacked motivation to work them into frothy completion.

So I started thumbnailing, and I really enjoyed some of the new brushes in Photoshop CS 3. The finished project, meh, but I was on a role.

Then I got another idea: Let's just make a bunch of abstract shapes, sleep on it, then tomorrow build those into finished line drawings. Here's the abstract shapes:

And here's the new heads. Hot diggity! Next up I'm gonna throw hair on 'em all, because leaving characters bald is a bad drawing habit I should work on. Bottom row #3 is my favorite. Might work him up to a finished piece.

In addition to not drawing hair on enough, it's worth cataloging that another bad habit of mine is drawing people with their mouth closed. Food for thought.

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