Production limitation goals, AO & SSS stress tests

Added more detail to the concept for her blouse, since we can't just go with a girl's ripped tank top forever. Now I'm aiming for a square neckline victorian nightgown, which IMHO will bring out a bit of "bedroom" vibe, which befits this young lass's, ahem, personality.

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I modeled the blouse more toward the square neckline and straps, and also added the "damsel in distress" rips along the shirt's edge. Much as I'd like to just dive into texturing, methinks I'd better finish all the principle modeling :P

Additionally, I did some speed tests using Blender's Simplify tools for rendering. The speed jump between 100% and 75% is staggering, not so much between 75% and 50%. But in all cases, the quality suffers very little.

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Long renders are the number one thing to kill my interest in a project, so I've got a number of specifics I'm holding to for this. Hopefully this should keep me to a minimal amount of watching paint dry.

  1. Crappy unwraps. Don't need pixel perfection. (lol, already broke this rule)
  2. Edge loop perfection. Don't need perfect edge loops. (wasted waaay too much time ignoring this rule already.)
  3. Limit of level 1 subsurfacing
  4. No raytracing
  5. Mesh reusing/rehashing
  6. Mirror modifiers
  7. No mesh intersections/fancy froo-froo stuff

  1. Massage time spent on animation
  2. Approximation Ambient Occlusion
  3. Subsurface Scattering
  4. Heavy compositing

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