Blogging your art vs. polishing a portfolio

To start with, the obvious conclusion: Yes, hybrid is the answer, using a blog that surrounds its outer border with your best art, right up front for early viewing pleasure, followed by an up-to-date assessment of what you did last week in the form of a blog post.

But I wanted to sing the praises of blogging regularly. Updating a blog regularly presents oneself in a way portfolios can't: a lifestyle artist. When you are viewing a person's portfolio, it can feel like the job interview, with them casting themselves in their best light. But when you're reading their blog, it's the day-in and day-out of their artistic life. It's habits versus single spit-shined presentation, and habits count for a lot. Nearly everyone can relate to a great first impression with someone, only to learn that their daily habits include no reading, too much television, drinking too much, avoiding spicy food, or chronic lateness.

Many good artists have said drawing is just like physical exercise: talent counts for very little if you don't work out regularly. Similarly, a lack of daily practice in art shows. It doesn't matter if you've won a gold medal, a pot belly speaks about your daily habits in the here and now. If you haven't drawn anything in a week, it's probably noticable.

Anyway, I drew some stuff. Oh snap, 8.5 x 11 is so much more easy to scan! Although this first one's actually a straggler from my other sketchbook, which I somehow forgot.

Ahem, put at small size. On account of da nakedness. Also, I want to give a shout out to Paul Richards, whose blog at http://autodestructdigital.blogspot.com/ has been fantastic to read. I found it completely by accident while doing a GIS for Paul Richards. He's awesome, and everyone could stand to learn some amazing things from his insight. I think he's been behind a lot of my naked lady drawings lately, which he elevates to a masterful art.

Sketchbook theme: BLOW MINDZ. Although I think I also want to bring back extra rendering in this one, since my last book was a bit too gestural for me.

These last ones were drawn off a google search for "Women's hairstyles." Easy spot to get pleasing, unique mugshots!

Thus far, I believe I am failing at blowing mindz this sketchbook. Again with the head drawings! Hopefully I'll pick up the pace in the coming week.

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Sethlene said...

Thank you for sharing, Oscar, it gives one many ideas about how to display themselves. :D