Good bye, 11x14. We'll always have Amsterdam.

First up, some highly belated sketches from Christmas through March. I've got a whole secondary book I've finished since then, more on that later.

Due to how these get added to blog posts, they're actually in reverse chronology. Always interesting to see, IMHO; near the end of a sketchbook drawings get way better, because I get nervous about having nothing good to scan. Anyway, enjoy!

I like doing "head storms," a common subject for daily sketchers who just need an easy boring theme to fill a page. Additionally worth noting, I draw further and further away from shading in this cycle, because I've felt more and more like drawings should be clean for taking into photoshop.

Sucks from the neck down.

I've recently fallen into the habit of drawing nekkid people a lot more. Additionally, I've become much more comfortable with the obvious goal of nekkidness (sexy posing) in lieu of the standard "classy life-drawing" poses. A pity teachers can never actively tell you (or a model) to just make it sexier, for fear of lawsuits or unteacherly conduct.

Drawn from some painting on display at The Frye in Seattle, my absolute favorite museum.

The first part of this was fun, and from an old drawing exercise of mine. You imagine some phony sparring game plot line, like "Blah blah blah magic crystal, and all the celestial beings agree that their champions will fight on their behalf across the earth!" Then design a bunch of quick characters for said setting.

Anyway, hope you like! The next sketchbook will be up by Sunday probably.

Speaking of which...As my 25th birthday approaches (tomorrow), it's time for me to say goodbye to an old friend: the 11x14 bound sketchbook. Over the last 2.5 years, it's been my drawing medium of choice with good reason. I originally switched to this huge format to combat two things: cramped drawings, and long-term durability. Before I began using them, I dilligently filled up a bunch of half-full sketchbooks from school, as teachers would want you to have a class-specific sketchbook that usually couldn't be filled in a quarter alone. As a result, I mysteriously get way better at drawing halfway through them. Additionally, most of my pre-11x14 sketchbooks are a bizarre mix of formats, paper quality and binding.
But rest assured, I'm retiring the 11x14 for good reasons. First, it's sucks to scan something larger than your scanner. I have to scan each page chunk twice, then put 'em together in Photoshop. Double the scanning, double the editing. The reason I scan huge loads of pictures all at once is because scanning a large sketchbook means moving my scanner/printer into a cumbersome spot on the middle of my desk.
So yes, I am sacrificing artistic integrity and large formatting, in exchange for ease of use and avoidance of tedium. I'll miss the extra space, but I won't miss devoting a whole weekend to standing over my printer.

Ogbog out!


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